A Permanent Domain Home For Your Family Name

Registering your family's name as a web domain is an important step when building a family web site that will endure through generations.

Families that subscribe to either our Standard & Premium family website service get a FREE landing page customizable with a banner image, greetings area, login form, a photo gallery, a video clip and a blog post. Visitors can let your family members know that they visited by leaving a contact message.


Here are some tips when creating a landing page for your family domain:

  • Keep the Title Short
  • Dot What? We offer 4 different extensions: .com, .net, .org, and .info (.family coming soon) for your family's domain name.
  • Allowed Characters: Domain names are comprised of letters, numbers, and dashes ONLY. Spaces and symbols are not allowed. You can check domain name availability here.
  • Ask the Rest of the Family: The name you choose will endure for decades. Ask your family members to add their suggestions. Once you have a few suggestions create a FamilyCrossings Poll for relatives to vote on.
  • Meta Friendly: Our landing pages are search engine friendly, so take a few minutes to put together the name and tag line of your family site, and the phrase that you would want to search by. Examples include family names, family homestead location, high school alumni info.

Let Us Help Register Your Family Domain

We have partnered with Network Solutions through its subsidary SRSplus to provide you with a simple way to register your domain. We charge $24.99 per year for this service. You must be subscribed to Familycrossings.com before registering the domain through us.

Already Have a Family Domain Name Registered?

  1. Subscribe to one of our paid services
  2. Add us as the CNAME with your domain registrar
  3. Customize the settings for your Familycrossing landing page

Need help getting your family domain registered? Give us a call at 1-877-765-2655.