Premium version

Connect with all your family member for only $99.00 per year or $9.95 per month. The premium version starts you out with 1GB of storage space for all your vital memories. It has 30 features that will bring the family together.

As your Family Crossings web site grows Premium members have the option of adding storage space for photos and other special memories in 2 GB amounts.

Standard version

With our Standard family website everyone in your family can connect and share content that is stored on your family site. Add all your family members, your friends and guest accounts at no charge.

The first month is free after which your credit card will be charged $4.95 per month or $39.00 per year. The Standard version of FamilyCrossings provides 500MB of private storage space for all your photos & videos (additional space is available in 2 GB increments).

Starter version

Your family can start enjoying the fun and benefits of having a family web site for only $10 per year.

The Starter edition includes 10 core features, 250MB of storage and unlimited amount of family members. Upgrade at any time and get all the additional features listed below.

Premium Standard Starter
Family News Yes Yes Yes
Family Photo Galleries Yes Yes Yes
Family Videos Yes Yes Yes
Family Files Yes Yes Yes
Family Calendar Yes Yes Yes
Family Address Book Yes Yes Yes
Live Chat Yes Yes Yes
Gift Profiles Yes Yes Yes
Family Newsletter Yes Yes Yes
Family Requests Yes Yes Yes
Family Forums Yes Yes Yes
Special Offers Yes Yes Yes
Social Maps Yes Yes Yes
Social Timelines Yes Yes Yes
SMS Alerts Yes Yes Yes
Birsthday Reminders Yes Yes Yes
Ebox Mail-in Yes Yes Yes
Storage, MB 1000 500 250
Family Library Yes Yes 1*
Family History Yes Yes 1*
Family Polls Yes Yes 1*
Wish Lists Yes Yes 1*
Games Yes Yes 1*
Recipes Yes Yes 1*
Price $99.00/year or
$39.00/year or
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1* - A single trial entry is allowed in each category.