Social Networking

Social Network

Social networks are nothing new. This is. Here’s the opportunity to have your very own global social network – a place to chat, upload photos and share stories, all in a private setting that’s tailor made to your family. You’ll never lose touch again.

Build a virtual family website

Thanks to modern web based Social Networking tools,
your family will build a virtual family website that will be your home away from home. Everyone can share and preserve family photos and family history for future generations. You'll chat about your day. Pass family news and share treasured family recipes for feeding hungry kids and grandchildren. You'll even spend quality family time playing educational games!

Bring social networking to your family

MySpace, Facebook and Twiiter brought social networks to the masses. Family Crossings™ is bringing social networking to your family. Invite all your relatives to enjoy the web site for free. Start connecting with your family!

Share special family moments

Your entire family can share special family moments without the fear of cyber predators targeting family members. Safe and secure from prying eyes, your family social network can be accessed from any computer, anytime, and anywhere. You can cross paths with your children, siblings, parents, and grand-parents no matter where they are or computer skill level.

Safe & Secure. Easy to use.

Setting up your family social network is fast. It is simple to invite everyone in your family. Add family addresses, build an online family history and shop with family members for bargains is simple for everyone. To Sign Up for Family Crossings™ click here.