Four Tips for Using a Family Calendar

Share your schedule

Let your family, relatives, and friends see your calendar, and view schedules that others have shared with you. When you know where everyone in the family is, scheduling is a snap.

Never forget another event again

Send family members email notifications that will help them stay on schedule. You can even choose how close to the actual event to send that reminder.

Getting your family together is important

Keeping a family events and important dates on the family calendar will strength family ties. Every family member will know the time and location, with added clarity about who is coming. The larger your family the more you will love FamilyCrossings's family calendar.

Send invitations about all types of events

Manage all types of events including:

  • Anniversary
  • Appointment
  • Bill Payment
  • Birthday
  • Class
  • Dinner
  • Holiday
  • Internet Chat
  • Lunch
  • Meeting
  • Movie
  • Party
  • Phone Call
  • Reunion
  • Sports Event
  • Travel
  • Vacation
  • Wedding

You are in control of the names of the events and who sees the event on the Family Calendar.