Looking for an Alternative to Zalongo.com?

Are you a Zalongo.com subscriber? We are Familycrossings.com and we are glad that your search brought you to this page. Zalongo.com is closing its site on December 31,2021 and we want you to consider us for your family's new digital home.

You probably have years of photos, comments, videos, calendar events, family stories, personal memories and files stored on your Zalongo.com site. You'll be glad to know that we have all of those feature plus a lot more. Over the years multiple sites dedicated to families have gone under leaving their customers stranded. We are attempting to determine if there are enough families that wish to keep their content online. Familycrossings.com is willing to build a custom tool to help you migrate your files including your membership register. The folks at Zalongo.com have offered to help.

We will only build this import tool if we get enough families to move over. Please let us know NOW by filling in the form below. We will let you know if we will be building the import tool and when it will be available.

Top 3 features of Zalongo your family uses*:
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10 Things You Should Know about Familycrossings.com:

  1. Family Crossings™ started in 2003
  2. Family Crossings™ is a division of Same-Page.com LLP
  3. Your content is private and secure
  4. You can download a copy of your data anytime
  5. You can turn off features you do not want
  6. You can have multiple administrators
  7. You can share your calendar with other devices
  8. Family Crossings™ uses TAGS, MAPS and TIMELINES to bring an extra dimension to your content
  9. Family Crossings™ backs up everything TWICE
  10. You can point a family domain name to a special landing page just for your family

Family Crossings™ family websites are designed to allow every family member to interact and contribute to building a family legacy. Family members can login from any device and get text alerts and email reminders. You may be have felt lost after Zalongo but with Family Crossings™ quality customer service to help you will never feel alone because you'll be part of our family.