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Does your family really matter to you?

Do you wish you were better informed about what family members in other cities are doing? Family Crossings™ Family friendly Software creates a password protected website that your family can go to connect with each other. With our family software family members can schedule family get togethers, post family news, create shopping lists as well as share photos, tips and recipes from wherever they are. It makes family life easier, less stressful and more fun by bringing today's active family back together.

  • Add relatives for free
  • Multiple privacy
  • 19 Family Features

With our Family Software your family website is started in minutes.

With Family Software you do not need to program or write html code. Everything is done for you - just give each family member an account. Everyone can start adding content: news, photos, recipes, wish lists, addresses and birthday reminders right away. Safe from prying eyes, grandchildren will post photos, share their Christmas wish lists and enjoy reading family history that will give them the foundation they need to understand who they are and where they come from. Without hassle, complicated procedures and a degree in computers, grandparents will pass down stories and traditions, share favorite recipes and dispense the advice that will make family memories special. Mom and Dad will find they can easily and effectively schedule everything from soccer games to date night, keep in touch with siblings and other relatives.

Reconnect the family without effort or sacrificing more time from the day. Our family software creates a easy, powerful and free family website. Why are you waiting? Invite all your relatives to share and participate in your special family website without the fear of cyber predators targeting family members level.

With our Family Software your family website is started in minutes. Adding family videos, posting family photos and adding to your family legacy is easy.

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