We Value Your Privacy and Security Like Our Own

As more of our lives move online, our security and privacy are increasingly vulnerable. Malware has infected computers and mobile devices worldwide, hackers have leaked millions of user passwords, and the US government engages in widespread electronic surveillance. And, in the age of social media, we've all seen supposedly �private� communication go public. Think of those folks who have lost their jobs because of posts that they believed only their friends and family would see.

Plus, more and more websites are tracking your behavior and collecting your data. Data-mining companies aggregate information about your online activities and sell it to advertisers. One diagnostic company even tracks keystrokes on users' cell phones. And social media accounts can provide cybercriminals and hackers with unprecedented access to your personal information�no matter how careful you are with your privacy settings.

Social engineers can exploit even innocent information � like your hobbies, vacation plans, and volunteer activities�to access your accounts. One CEO was persuaded to load malware into his company's computer system by a caller who used information from Facebook to gain the CEOs trust and interest. Other people have been lured into providing information that allowed social engineers to retrieve passwords and other sensitive account information.

How Do You Keep Your Family Safe?

You probably already limit the kind of information you post publicly, but social networks are built on shared information. If you're using social media, it doesn't matter how cautious you are � you run the risk of having a private post or photo made visible to someone with whom you never intended to share it. And if your children are using social media, they may share information about your family that can be exploited by social engineers.

Your kids and grandkids are growing up in a hyper-connected world -- and keeping them safe on the Internet is a never-ending challenge. Kids and teenagers consume a lot of social media � and cyber bullying, identity theft, and online predators are just some of the dangers they run into online.

That's why, for many families, Family Crossings™ is an ideal solution. Family Crossings™ is truly private. We connect you to the people you love and trust, and only people that you admit to your family site will be able to view its contents. We take your security seriously � we use sophisticated encryption techniques to protect your data, and we train our staff to recognize and thwart social engineering attempts.

A Completely Private Family Website

Your family website is totally restricted. Only users to whom you have assigned a user name and password are permitted to enter. And you retain control over every user's access. You determine who is allowed to post content, and you can suspend or cancel a user's access at any time.

Family Crossings™monitors how much storage your account uses, but we cannot view any of the contents of your site. If you wish Technical Support to enter your site for any reason, you'll have to issue us a user name and password � just like everyone else.

Our third-party advertisers, who serve ads on some parts of our free site, may use general information about your visits to this and other sites to provide more relevant offers within our site. When you make a purchase or use a coupon from one of our partners, you will be covered by their privacy policy.

At Family Crossings™, we're ferocious about Internet privacy. Your content is yours � and we will never release any of your personal information to any outside agency, no matter the reason.

Your Content � Safe and Secure


Family Crossings™ is dedicated to providing a safe, secure space for your family's precious photos, videos, and interactions. Our website is hosted on secure servers, with two back-up servers in different locations. All your data is encrypted before transmission, and we perform a daily backup of our entire site.

Our backup servers and procedures guarantee that your family's content will remain safe, secure, and accessible � even in cases of fire, flood, earthquake, and other disasters.

And for added security, your credit card information is encrypted before being retained in the global administration area. We keep your card information only for auto-renewal purposes, and we will never, ever share it.

We'll Do Our Part, If You'll Do Yours

Family Crossings™ was built with your privacy and security in mind. The Internet's ability to connect family members is amazing � and we want you to enjoy that connection without worrying about your family's safety.

We want to make privacy and security as convenient as possible for you. We promise that we'll never share your personal information or site content. And we'll always ensure that our site and your data are secure.

But your family's website is only as secure as you make it. Help keep your family safe by taking the following actions:

  • Protect your computer from viruses, Trojans, and other malware.
  • Choose a unique password for each account.
  • Choose passwords that contain numbers, lower-case letters, and capital letters.
  • Log out of Family Crossings™ after each use.
  • Remember that no one from Family Crossings™ will ever ask for your password, nor will we provide you with a password over the phone.
  • Don't share your password and account information with anyone. Including family members.
  • Be cautious about unsolicited email and phone calls. Don't provide sensitive information online or over the phone unless you have initiated the contact.

Keep Your Family Safe With Family Crossings™

Family Crossings™ puts you in control of your family's privacy. Our system is designed to prevent personal information from becoming public and to ensure that your data remains secure.

If privacy and security are important to you, try Family Crossings™ today.