An Online Legacy

Family History

Keep your family’s legacy alive with a rich set of values and ancestor history. Current family members can complete an interview that details their place of birth, schooling, children, marriages, jobs and hobbies – all of which are saved, shared and passed on to future generations. Photos, videos and stories can also be added, giving you the rare chance to build a fantastic, in-depth database for your family to be proud of.

  • Easy access family history for young and old
  • Family profiles and values shared for
    generations to come

Secure, Safe, Special.

Keep your family's stories, photos, news and more alive and secure for future generations. Offsite storage of back-ups means your family history is safe theft and natural disaster.

Your family secrets will be safe! With Family Crossings™ your family becomes a secure, private social network. Your family website will grow daily as everybody updates their personal history and adds special event photos.

Building Family Values One Family Member at a Time

Family Crossings™ makes it easy to connect with your family every day! Join Family Crossings™ and open a portal to a powerful family website that will allow you to share your history with family around the world. On your website you can also find family recipes, upload photo memories, read daily family news and schedule all the events that are important to you and loved ones. Safe from prying eyes, grandkids will post contact information and share their Christmas wish lists. Access to this data can help family members develop the foundation and values they need to understand who they are and where they come from.

Without hassle, complicated procedures and a degree in computers, grandparents will pass down stories and traditions, share favorite recipes and dispense the advice that makes your family memories special. MySpace, Facebook and Twiiter brought sharing content to the masses. Family Crossings™ makes it safe to share that content with your family. Try it today for free for 30 days!

Setting up your family website is fast and you can start sharing family history right away!