Family Member Testimonials

"Everybody saw Diane's beautiful baby pictures an hour after she was born. When we got home, we uploaded them to the Family Crossings™ Photo Gallery It was so easy! Grandma in Arizona saw them and heard her grand daughter’s first sounds. She said she cried for an hour."
Tanya Rodriquez, Nakomis, FL.

"We had the best Welcome Home party for our son even though it was last minute. We let everyone know about it in the Family Calendar and we had two dozen people cheering him when he got off the plane."
Robert Hutchinson, Chicago, IL.

"After I had my surgery, our Family Crossings™ Live Chats kept me going. I scheduled them at the same time every Monday and Thursday and picked an interesting subject to chat about. Sometimes we had over a dozen people chatting away. They were a lot of fun and really kept my morale up."
Stephen Miller, Rochester, NY.

"FamilyCrossings .com saved us $600 on our hardwood floors. Something spilled in the kitchen and it stained the floors terribly. A flooring contractor quoted us $750 to repair them. But in the Family Database, I asked if anyone had any suggestions. It turned out that a cousin had the same problem and knew exactly how to remove the stain."
Lakeska Turner, Americus, GA.

"For years I guessed at what my wife would like for her birthday. I went to the Family Crossings™ Wish List area and discovered what she really wanted. I got her a Coach handbag this year for her birthday… the right handbag in the right color and the right size, finally."
Jared Cannon, Lexington, Mass.

"Totally Sick! I love showing everyone how the maps and time lines integrate with the News, Galleries, Addresses and Calendar. This is the kind of software that makes the Internet special."
Jake Doyle, Hermosa Beach, CA

"I thought about building a family web site for the last five years. I feared how complex and time consuming it would be to setup just a couple of web pages. When I found Family Crossings™ it only took me a minute to get started and I added other family members in seconds. In a short time all 103 members of our family have contributed content and re-connected."
David Weinberg, Scarsdale, NY