Family Files in the Cloud

Family Files

Share Files with your Family

Use the cloud to safely share those irreplaceable family files.

  • Upload any type of file
  • Share with only the family members you specify
  • Keep an online backup of important documents
  • Mobile device and tablet friendly

Share important family files safely

With Familycrossings's family file sharing feature you do not need to learn code to share files. Everything is done for you - just upload the file, assign a category and give family members access. Everyone can start adding content: documents, music, spreadsheets, trip itineraries, scans of old family records right away. Safe from prying eyes, parents can share important family files with specific people. Storing family files online keeps your files safe from computer crashes.

Tablet and Smart Phone Friendly

Send files straight from your mobile phone or tablet your family website. With our new EBOX tool simply email the file to your own special email address.

Your new files will appear in your private EBOX and then move them to the proper area of your Familycrossings website.

Why are you waiting? Invite all your relatives to share their files and participate in your special family website without the fear of cyber predators targeting family members.

What are you waiting for? Try it today for free!

With our software in minutes you can start Family Files Sharing on your own private family website. Adding family members, and restricting access to content is easy. What are you waiting for? Sign Up for Family Crossings™