Get the right gift every time


Shopping for family gifts has never been as straight-forward. All you have to do is view a relative’s wish list, click on an item and get directed straight to a competitive online store. All transactions are secure and you even get exclusive offers and discounts from a number of our sponsors. This is a unique opportunity to get a gift worth giving and, of course, make sure you get want you want.

  • Browse relatives wish lists
  • One click links to the hottest items
    at the best prices
  • Special discounts for your family only

Gift giving does not have to be a chore if you know what the gift recipient wants or needs. We all want that perfect gift for our wedding, baby shower, birthday, graduation, housewarming party or other occasion. That's where Family Crossings™ comes in. Short of dropping not-so-subtle hints to your friends and family, there has never been an easier way to do it. Every family member can create custom wish lists, add their desires for any occasion and share Wish Lists with registered family members.

Include as many Wish Lists as you want on the family website and add as many items as you wish to any list. When adding items to your Wish List, post descriptions and put links to the items from any online store. At their convenience other family members can browse the Wish Lists. With Family Crossings™ you can let other family members know (secretly) what you are giving on that occasion to avoid duplicate gift giving.

Create a personal gift profile

In one place family members can discover what are your favorite colors, what you like and dislike, your favorite stores to shop, even your sizes for shirts, pants, jackets, shoes, dresses and blouses. Never receive an unwanted gift again. Make sure your friends and family know what to get you for your Birthday, Christmas, Wedding or even just for fun.

Can't Decide - Don't get stressed out building your wish list

Let us help! Everyone loves a bargain and Family Crossings™'s virtual stores bring you the hottest items at the best prices. On Family Crossings™ there is a family store for everything: Automotive, Travel, Children, Beauty, Education, Nutrition, Entertainment, Computers, Sports, Pets. You'll be able to spread the family joy across town, around the state and even around the world. With our Family friendly software you can easily build a private social network, share family news and sports stories, invite family chat sessions, write your biography, and more.

Your family will thank you

We are all busy with work, family and everything else that goes on in life. Even though the people who love you want to get you a really great gift for your birthday, Xmas, Bar Mitzvah or on any other special day, chances are they have absolutely no idea what you want.

Do them and yourself a favor, by creating a wishlist at Family Crossings™. Save family members time and give them the pleasure of knowing that they really got you exactly the present you wanted. You will just love using us for a just a general Wish List or:

  • Birthdays
  • Wedding
  • Graduations
  • Anniversary
  • Holidays
  • House warming
  • Confirmation / Bar Mitzvah
  • Homecomings

With Family Crossings™ your gift giving success reputation will grow daily, bringing you and your family closer together ribbon by ribbon. Getting started is easy with Family Crossings™.

MySpace, Facebook and Twitter brought sharing content to the masses. Family Crossings™ makes it safe to share that content within your family. What are you waiting for? Try it today for free for 30 days!

Setting up your family website is fast and adding your Wish Lists are easy.