Family Addresses

Family Addresses

Never lose an address again.

Here, you can securely add your latest contact details and view those of family members. No more tatty address books or last minute Christmas address checks. You can even link to google maps and get directions.

  • Up-to-date family contact details
  • Private and secure

Free Family Contacts Online

Family Crossings™ makes it easy to connect with your family every day! When you join Family Crossings™ you open a portal to a powerful family website that will allow you to share contacts with family around
the world.

On your website you can also find family recipes, upload photo memories, read daily family news and schedule all the events that are important to you and loved ones. Safe from prying eyes, grandkids will post contact information, share their Christmas wish lists and enjoy reading family history. Access to this data can help family members develop the foundation they need to understand who they are and where they come from.

Without hassle, complicated procedures and a degree in computers, grandparents will pass down stories and traditions, share favorite recipes and dispense the advice that makes your family memories special. MySpace, Facebook and Twiiter brought sharing content to the masses. Family Crossings™ makes it safe to share that content with your family. Try it today for free for 30 days!

Setting up your family website is fast and you can start sharing family contacts right away! It is simple to invite everyone in your family. Adding family photos, chatting online and posting family news is quick. On your family website you can build a private social network, shop with family members for bargains, share family files and schedule all the events that are important to you and loved ones.

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